Eliminate Tech Debt Now

Solve the challenges of bringing existing infrastructure into a code defined and automation driven environment. Begin reaping the benefits for security and compliance today then start focusing on new workloads that deliver value to your customers and drive future company growth.

How the process works


Our AI Engine scans your existing code repositories or binaries and evaluate them for functionality and intent. 

Choose a target platform and language and the AI will write new code following the 12 factor app coding principles and industry best practices learned from scanning millions of lines of code.


Test the new code and architecture and begin developing CI/CD driven infrastructure based on the output of the AI recommendations and code. 

Go live on the new platform and code in just a few weeks from the end of the first scan.

What we do

Most organizations struggle to deal with technical debt because it is complicated and would cost millions of dollars to address. Our process uses the latest in AI and coding practices to evaluate and re-write legacy code in just a few weeks eliminating the security risk of doing nothing and cost of moving forward.

Helping you get Lean

Lean IT focuses on building processes to speed and maintain the delivery of new services and existing service levels, as well as processes to handle root cause identification of issues and enabling you to maintain current patch levels. Being lean means you have the ability to quickly deploy, restore, update, or change without hinderance from legacy code and applications. 

Secure Cloud

Security in a cloud first world means knowing where your data lives and how your systems are configured. But it also means freedom to update your underlying platforms at any time. If legacy code is keeping you from patching your systems, you are at risk. Cloud security requires the ability to quickly change, audit, and update configurations. Let our team show you how.

Assessing Options

When you look to move your business or applications to the cloud or even to newer on-prem architectures, choosing the right service is a critical step. Our team of experienced consultants and developers will guide you through choosing the platforms and services that will help you secure and grow your business.

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